Sunday, December 18, 2011

Digital sabaticals

I find it funny to think I am blogging about digital sabaticals. But, this time of year we need to "unplug" and focus on family and friends even more. After all that's what our holidays should be about. (not to get into a big religious debate)

So, what is a digital sabatical? It is taking time: an hour, afternoon, a one day, a week or even a whole month away from the internet, email, twitter, and other online activities.

I have to admit that I spent time with my family (both fathers and mothers side), so I am not as prepared for this blog as I should be. Also, I don't feel like I should reinvent the wheel. Because of this, I am putting a link to Rowdy Kittens website. Tammy Strobel did an excellent job explaining Digital Sabaticals. She gives 21 ideas for digital sabaticals. Some of these things may or may not help you. I found most of them useful. I am also using a link to her site because many of the ideas share links to other sites that are even more informative.


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